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What We Do EU Relocation

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The EU Relocation Programme and IOM

W hat is the EU Relocation Programme?

Relocation is the transfer of asylum seekers who are in clear need of international protection from one EU Member State to another Member State where their asylum application will be examined once the relocation has taken place. The EU relocation scheme was an expression of the principle of solidarity that lies at the heart of the European project.

EU Member States agreed to relocate asylum seekers from Member States experiencing high migratory pressure. 66,400 places have been allocated for relocation from Greece and 39,600 from Italy. Following an amendment of the Council Decision, the remaining 54,000 placescould be pledged either forrelocation from Greece and Italy or for the admission of Syrian refugees from Turkey.

Eligibility for the relocation scheme was limited to applicants who are in clear need of international protection and are a national or stateless resident of those countries for which the EU-wide average recognition rate is more than 75 percent. The majority of beneficiaries were from Syria, with Eritreans and Iraqis as the second and third largest groups.

How does it work?

Eligible asylum seekers in Greece and Italy could be channeled intothe relocation programme until September 2017, while movements were running up to early 2018. When Member States of Relocation were ready to receive groups, a list of potential beneficiaries was shared with them which they have to approve.

Applicants could not choose which country they are relocated to, but through a matching process basic criteria such as language skills or demonstrated family, cultural or social ties were taken into account in order to decide which Member State beneficiaries should be relocated to.

What was IOM’s role?

Once IOM received the final list with beneficiaries that have been selected for relocation and who have accepted the decision, it started implementing important pre-departure activities to ensure the beneficiaries were well informed about the process and could travel in safety and dignity.

A pre-departure health assessment and a fit-to-travel check before departure ensured that the beneficiaries’ health needs were assessed, relevant information was shared with Member State of Relocation, public health concerns were addressed and everyone could travel in safety and dignity.

IOM also provided pre-departure orientation sessions, sharing key information about the Member State of Relocation and relocation. This was a valuable opportunity to give basic information on the country they would be relocated to, manage expectations and inform the beneficiaries of initial post arrival reception and early integration assistance.

As of cli-7.0.1 and the new builder ( more info ), PhoneGap Build hands off to Cordova put read your icon and splash configurations and put them where they need to be. As a result, we recommend referring to the Cordova and Splashscreen Plugin docs for the most up to date instructions. Otherwise if you're still using cli-6.5.0 (and the old builder), see below.

Specifying platform

Icons and splashes are usually platform specific. There are two ways to specify an icon or splash is for a particular platform. The first way is by specifying a platform attribute:

The second way (recommended) is by putting the icon or splash inside a platform tag:

Both these fragments will result in the icon being used for iOS.

The simplest icon configuration is a single default icon.png :

The default icon must be named icon.png and must reside in the root of your application folder. If no other icon configurations are specified, each platform will attempt to use this file as the default icon. To define platform specific icons please use the guide provided below. Icon files should be the file formats specified in the examples below, other file types are not guaranteed to work across platforms.

height platform

We support classic, retina, iPhone 5 and iPad displays.

The names below reflect the names of the destination files when they are added to the application. During app submittal you may get feedback that has a reference to these filenames.

We support all Android resource qualifiers. Commonly used qualifiers refer to device density and language.

A list of these qualifiers can be viewed on Table-2 . Note that compound qualifiers (eg. "port-xhdpi") have to be in the same order as viewed on this table.

We support two icons for Windows Phone, a regular icon and a tile image.

As of PhoneGap Release cli-6.0.0, the Windows Phone 8.1 package is built using cordova-windows. Here are the supported icons:

You can have zero or more of these elements present in your config.xml . This element can have src , platform , width and height attributes, just like the <icon> element above. Like icon files, your splash screens should be saved as png files.

Unless otherwise specified in a config.xml, each platform will try to use the default splash.png during compilation. To define platform specific splash screens please use the guide provided below.

Splash files should be the file formats specified in the examples below. Any other file type is not guaranteed to work across platforms.

If you do not supply the platform attribute, the referenced image will be copied to ALL platforms, increasing the size of their application packages.

Full-day React Workshop in San Francisco, US . Learn React for designers. Taught by Meng To, creator of Design+Code.

Saturday, June 16, 2018San Francisco, US 🇺🇸

9AM - 5PM

React Part I

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9AM - 5PM

React Part II

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9AM - 5PM

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9AM - 5PM

Location TBD

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9AM - 5PM

Pivotal Labs - The Warehouse, The Bower, 211 Old Street

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9AM - 5PM

Pivotal Labs - The Warehouse, The Bower, 211 Old Street

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Figure 3 with 1 supplement
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() was overexpressed in newborn daughter cells expressing Vph1-mCherry using a β-estradiol inducible system where a GAL4-Estrogen binding domain-VP16 (GEV) fusion protein drives promoter …

Figure 3—figure supplement 1
Download asset Open asset

was overexpressed in newborn daughter cells using a β-estradiol inducible system where a GAL4-Estrogen binding domain-VP16 (GEV) fusion protein drives promoter expression of an …

We previously found that delaying the reduction of vacuole acidity during aging by increasing V-ATPase levels extends replicative lifespan ( Cardigan With Shawl Collar In Grey Grey Kiomi Buy Cheap 2018 New Really 8We3yGYhMb
). Given the evidence presented above that Pma1 levels antagonize vacuolar acidity, we asked whether reduced Pma1 activity also affected lifespan. Indeed, the pma1-105 allele increased median replicative lifespan by ∼30% ( Outlet 2018 New Clearance Best Wholesale DENIM Denim trousers VILSHENKO Recommend Online Cheap Pay With Paypal wjP3Wx8Ap
), comparable to well-characterized lifespan-extending mutations ( Waykee jeans Blue Diesel Quality Free Shipping 3G8xv3t
). The slope of the pma1-105 lifespan curve is similar to the slope of the wild-type curve. This suggests that instead of influencing the rate of aging throughout lifespan, the pma1-105 allele delays the onset of the normal aging process. To ascertain whether lifespan extension by the pma1-105 allele occurred entirely via increased vacuolar acidity, we examined the lifespan of pma1-105 cells that lacked V-ATPase function. Cells lacking the V-ATPase subunit Vma2 had a short median lifespan of 2 divisions, as previously reported ( Hughes and Gottschling, 2012 ). The lifespan of cells that had reduced Pma1 activity and that were devoid of V-ATPase function ( vma2 Δ, pma1-105 ) was much shorter than wild-type lifespan (median 7 divisions), and more similar to cells lacking V-ATPase function. This suggests that most of the lifespan extension imparted by the pma1-105 allele requires V-ATPase function, but that the mechanism of lifespan extension is not limited to increased vacuolar acidification. Taken together these results support the idea that high Pma1 levels on mother cells impair vacuole acidification and limit lifespan.

In addition to Pma1 antagonizing mother cell vacuole acidity with age, we also hypothesized that the inherent asymmetry of Pma1, and thus low levels on buds, allows for re-acidification of the vacuole in buds. To test this idea, we asked whether expressing Pma1 in buds reduced vacuole acidity. We induced overexpression of PMA1-mCherry in cells arrested prior to cytokinesis with nocodazole and in untreated cells ( Pictures Cheap Online Real Fuchsia Leila offshoulder dress Pinko GvftygKB
). In untreated cells, overexpression increased mother cell Pma1 levels but maintained mother-bud asymmetry. However, in nocodazole-arrested cells, PMA1-mCherry became equivalently high in mother cells and buds. At least 80% of buds had acidic vacuoles without PMA1 induction or when PMA1 was induced in the absence of nocodazole ( Figure 3E ). In contrast, only 13% of buds had acidic vacuoles when Pma1 levels were high in buds. Because increased Pma1 levels in buds impaired re-acidification of the vacuole, we conclude that the inherent asymmetry of Pma1 is required for regeneration of vacuole acidity prior to cytokinesis. We speculate that regeneration of vacuole acidity is required for daughter cell rejuvenation and that if high levels of Pma1 were induced in the buds of aging mother cells, daughter cells would not rejuvenate.

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