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“We chose the term ‘lobes’ very carefully,” says Dr. Dave McComas, IBEX principal investigator and assistant vice president of the Space Science and Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute. “It may well be that these are separate structures bent back toward the downwind direction. However, we can’t say that for certain with the data we have today.”

The team adopted the nautical terms port and starboard to distinguish the lobes, as the heliosphere is the “vessel” that transports our solar system throughout the galaxy.

The journey of our sun through interstellar space is currently carrying us through a cluster of very low density interstellar clouds. Right now, the sun is inside of a cloud that is so tenuous that the interstellar gas detected by IBEX is as sparse as a handful of air stretched over a column that is hundreds of light-years long. These clouds are identified by their motions. Image via NASA/Adler/U. Chicago/Wesleyan

IBEX data show the heliotail is the region where the Sun’s million mile per hour solar wind flows down and ultimately escapes the heliosphere, slowly evaporating because of charge exchange. The slow solar wind heads down the tail in the port and starboard lobes at low- and mid-latitudes and, at least around the Sun’s minimum in solar activity, fast solar wind flows down it at high northern and southern latitudes.

“We’re seeing a heliotail that’s much flatter and broader than expected, with a slight tilt,” says McComas. “Imagine sitting on a beach ball. The ball gets flattened by the external forces and its cross section is oval instead of circular. That’s the effect the external magnetic field appears to be having on the heliotail.”

The IBEX spacecraft uses two novel ENA cameras to image and map the heliosphere’s global interaction, providing the first global views and new knowledge about our solar system’s interaction with interstellar space.

“We often think we know what we’re going to study in science, but the work sometimes takes us in unexpected directions,” says McComas. “That was certainly the case with this study, which started by simply trying to better quantify the small structure incorrectly identified as an ‘offset heliotail.’ The heliotail we found was much bigger and very different from what we expected.”

Via Southwest Research Institute

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